Free Story Consultation for the Month of July

Are you stuck and need help on an existing story? Or just need someone to edit a piece before submitting it to a publisher? Look no further. I am here to offer my services as a story consultant. And for the entire month of July, I will be offering that service for free on stories up to 5,000 words (even for Story Progression Editing). If you have a story longer than that, I will still work on it, but will charge my regular fee ($5.00 per thousand words or $8.00 per thousand words for Story Progression) minus the first 5,000 words.

What you can expect from my consultation…

I offer three different levels Plot Editing, Line Editing, and Story Progression Editing. You specify which service you need. Also, feel free include a list of questions that you need answered about the story, or specific thing you want me to check.

Plot Editing (recommend for stories in 1st or 2nd draft stage)

  • detail information on plot (what works, what doesn’t work)
  • ideas for enhancing plot
  • information on characters (ways to improve, if needed)
  • balance of exposition and dialogue
  • scene placement
  • where to step up or slow down pace
  • where to add more conflict if needed
  • look for anything that doesn’t fit, or work within story
  • light grammar, spelling, and punctuation (edit only things that stand out as I’m reading)
  • client will receive a detailed report on everything from plot, character, setting, point of view, and overall balance of the story as a whole

Line Editing (recommend for stories in final draft stage)

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • repeating words
  • continuity
  • fact checking
  • word choices
  • clarity
  • sentence construction
  • tone
  • style
  • client will receive a story ready to send to the publisher after suggested corrections are made

Story Progression Editing (recommend for stories 2nd draft or higher) Cost an additional $3.00 per thousand words ($8.00 per thousand words) This edit is a combination of Plot Editing and Line Editing, but it’s more than that as I work with you through each edit to make sure the story reaches its end product. I start by doing a Plot Edit and send it to you. Once corrections are made, you send it back to me for the Line Edit. But if it takes more than two edits to get a finished piece, I will continue to work with you until it’s done.

  • This is both Plot and Line Editing combined. Done in as many edits as necessary.
  • Client will receive a detailed report on everything from plot, character, setting, point of view, and overall balance of the story as a whole with first edit
  • Client will receive a story ready to send to a publisher by the final edit, after suggested corrections are made

Note: At this time, I am only working with U.S. writers.

Regular Pricing

Plot Edit $5.00 per thousand words (rounded up to nearest 1,000 count)

Line Edit $5.00 per thousand words (rounded up to nearest 1,000 count)

Story Progression $8.00 per thousand words (rounded up to nearest 1,000 count)

What is the process…

  1. Fill out form at the end of this post, if you have questions, or to let me know about your project. In the comment section, let me know the genre of story, total word count, editing you want done, and time frame if you are working on a deadline (please allow for at least 6 months to do Story Progression Editing for both our sanity).
  2. Once you receive an email from me with project price total accepting your edit, then email me your project in a .doc or .docx file and any questions or concerns you might have with your story. This is the time to give me a list of things to keep a look out in your story.
  3. Preferred method of payment is through  An email address will be provided once story is accepted. Don’t forget! If you contact me within the month of July, subtract 5,000 words from your total story word count!
  4. Accepted edits will be returned within 90 days of payment. If you have a deadline that is sooner than that, please indicate this in your first contact email. I am willing to work with you, if my schedule allows. Please note: If for some reason I cannot fulfill an edit in 90 days or by the time we discussed before hand, I will notify you as soon as possible. Your money will be returned, and I will still complete the edit as time allows.

What genres do I accept?

I will accept most genres, but please inform me during first contact if story contains anything with PG13 content or above. I reserve the right to turn down stories that I do not feel comfortable reading.

What others have said about my story consultation and editing ability

“Dawn was great at finding areas of my story where more information and character thoughts were needed to understand my meaning and character motivations. She also found spots where the story lagged and needed to be cut shorter to keep it moving. Her comments and edits have been invaluable to improving the flow and professionalism of my writing.”

Roxanne Crouse author of Fortune and The Monster

“Dawn has been a huge asset to both me as a writer and to my stories. Her critiques are thorough and helpful. She is especially good at spotting problems with plot, inconsistencies with characters, and issues with pacing and point of view. Not only does she point out the problem areas, she offers suggestions to make the story stronger.”

Denise Wyant AKA Avery Dawes author of Tumbling in Time, Wild Horses,  Mountain Memories, and Saving Taylor

Fill out form below for questions and/or let me know about your project.