Short Story: How the Zombies Almost Stole Christmas

Last week I posted a short story (The Fourth Wise Man) that I wrote to help me get in the Christmas spirit at the beginning of December, but that wasn’t the first story I wrote. The first one was for a Christmas story contest presented by Apex Publications. They challenged writers to create a story with a Christmas theme and a dark fiction slant in 250 words or less. I won 4th place. Here is a link to my story called How the Zombies Almost Stole Christmas.

Want to see the other stories? Here are the others marvelous stories if you want to check them out.

1st Place: Stockings Hung at the Hearth by Thea Hutcheson

2nd Place: The Long Night by Cameron Suey

3rd Place: Endless Suite by Amy Sisson

5th Place: Sander Klawse Preparedness Bulletin by Christina M. Parker



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