How the Zombies Almost Stole Christmas

How the Zombies Tried to Steal Christmas

 By: Cynthia Dawn Griffin

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the city,
Not a Zombie was stirring, not even the Defense Committee.
Weapons were laid by bedrolls with anxious repose,
In hopes the apocalypse would come quickly to a close.”

“Mike, shut up already.” I glared to the other sentry, giving him a look I knew he wouldn’t forget. Thoughts of my long dead family fluttering too close to the surface.

“Just passing time.”

“You can pass it in silence.” Did the Committee have to stick me with the most annoying man left alive in the world, and on Christmas Eve?

Mike leaned back against the Shop Smart’s half boarded window. His lips curled in a pout. I rolled my eyes, turning my attention to the dense curtain of white that hid the vacant street outside.

The echoing voices of survivors crammed betweens aisles began to sing ‘Silent Night’. I should radio, telling aisle six to stop, but the song had been my daughter’s favorite. I let the music take me back…


Mike’s urgency interrupted my heavy thoughts. I peered into the fading night. Hundreds of shadows lumbered in the snowy street.

I sounded the alarm. We readied our guns, and Mike broke into rhythm once again.

“We sprang to our feet, to give the others fair warning,
And up they came to meet the evil morning.
But I heard them exclaim, “We drove the Zombies out of sight!”
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”


The End

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