The Peacock’s Friend

peacockThe peacock eyed a wasp as it floated closer to him, the insect oblivious to the proud bird and the ladies he had come to court. The peacock fanned out his feathers of cobalt and sage not happy about the disturbance to his domain, as well as to impress the watching ladies. He strutted across the lush grass, casting a defiant shape. The wasp buzzed in closer. A loud caw erupted from the bird as he moved in toward the insect, showing off his bravery to those who watched. And then quite unexpectedly the wasp fell to the ground dead.

The peacock noticed for the first time that a tall gangly creature stood with a cylinder object in an outstretched limb. The object glinted in the sun just before the gangly form tucked the cylinder away out of sight, then walked away on two long legs. The ladies seemed impressed by this feat of killing the insect. Each of them opening their beaks to express their pleasure at the peacock’s supposed kill. The bird ruffled his feathers at the attention and stood even prouder than before.

He fanned out his colorful plumage strutting away, but this time when he opened his beak, a benediction of regard floated across the afternoon air toward the gangly creature that always seemed to be around to deliver what was needed. The creature often brought food and water to cool his thirst. And now the creature had delivered him a moment of admiration from his ladies. What better friend could a peacock have?

The End

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