Short Story: How the Zombies Almost Stole Christmas

Last week I posted a short story (The Fourth Wise Man) that I wrote to help me get in the Christmas spirit at the beginning of December, but that wasn’t the first story I wrote. The first one was for a Christmas story contest presented by Apex Publications. They challenged writers to create a story with a Christmas theme and a dark fiction slant in 250 words or less. I won 4th place. Here is a link to my story called How the Zombies Almost Stole Christmas.

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A Short Story: The Fourth Wise Man

Here’s a story I wrote last week to get me in the Christmas spirit. This is a little bit different from what I normally write style wise and topic wise, but I thought I’d venture out of my comfort zone and try something new. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas to you all!


The Fourth Wise Man

By: Cynthia D. Griffin

We came- the four of us- one bearing gold, one frankincense, one myrrh, and then there was me. They don’t talk about the fourth wise man or what I brought, but why would they? My gift wasn’t of earthly riches. It wasn’t even a promise of hope. It was a gift of humbleness, one not of much importance, only a rock and not even a memorable one at that.

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