Fight Scenes All in One Document

fight-scene-screenshotI had a request to put my Fight Scene blog series from my notes from Jonathan Maberry workshop of writing kick ass fight scenes into one document. So I combined all five posts to one pdf file. Feel free to download it and use at your leisure.

Fight Scenes Full Document

Enjoy and feel free to share!


Fight Scenes Part 1: An Introduction

I finally managed to get through my notes from Jonathan Maberrry’s (the author of the popular Rot and Ruin series) workshop at Context 27 and man did I have a lot. So much that it looks like I’ll have to break this down into a five part series (sorry). But I think it will work better that way because it will allow me to break it down into specific sections. I will start with this introduction, then part 2 on physical differences, part 3 on hand to hand combat, part 4 on weapons, and lastly part 5 on psychological warfare. Oh and make sure to look for the Fun Facts at the end of each post in this series!

So let’s get started as we look at some very basics of fight scenes and fighting information in general. The very first thing to remember with ALL fight scenes is…

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